Barbara Dorger as “GG Baba”

Barbara DorgerIn addition to authoring my books about my career as a flight attendant, the airline industry, and 9-11, I am also writing short articles here on a variety of other topics — including aging, senior citizens, life in general, metaphysics, rocks and crystals, and whimsy —  under my pen name, “GG Baba” (Please see at right how I came by this curious title).

I invite you to join me on my writing adventure!

7 Responses to Barbara Dorger as “GG Baba”

  1. Tavit (David) @ Citrine

    Hi GGBaba this is Tavit @Citrine Fashion Jewelry.You hv gr8 website I enjoyed looking and will be looking to your articles.

  2. Mary Ann Brensel

    Hi Barbara,

    It’s cousin Mary Ann. I just read your account of 9/11, and it’s fascinating! Thanks for sharing the info.

    love, me

    • Mary Ann, great hearing from you. Thanks for appreciating a talent that has been dormant most of my life. Talking and movement has alway been easy for me:) So glad we are communicating now. I think there will be another 5 articles before it becomes a book.
      Lets keep in touch, your long lost cousin barbara

  3. Sharron Bezanson

    Dear Barbara, I am so proud to have flown with you. Who knew there was life after retiring from flying. I’m going on line right now to get your book. I bought three of the wings, hope it is alright to make necklaces out of them. Think they will be easier to wear. Took up jewelry making a few months ago. Will be giving two away and will wear the third proudly. Will keep up with you online. Thank you for your kind comments in your note. Will say hi to Carolyn. Take care of yourself. Sharron

    • Sharon thank you for your kind words. I can’t wait until “Our 33” is finished and a book too. Are you going to the convention in Seattle? I think I am plusI think the wings in a necklace will look great. thanks again, Barbara

  4. Laurine Pasos McCaw

    Barbara Osborn???? If you are, we have been looking for you so we could invite you to the Stagg 50th HS reunion. Also, if you are, we don’t live far from each other and in fact I have been riding in the Tournament of Roses parade right in your backyard. I hope to hear from you soon, with an address to which the invitation can be mailed.

    Happy Trails,

    • Hi Laurine and yes that would be me. Another interesting thing is my husband Mitch Dorger was the Ceo of the Tournament of Roses from 2000 to 2010.

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